5 reasons to buy life insurance

It’s a fact that just about everyone needs life insurance, but very few people actually own it. When you’re young and relatively healthy, it’s easy to put off purchasing a policy. Where most people think of buying a life insurance plan in their 20s, but many healthy people decline with age.

On average, about 20 or 30-something nonsmokers can expect to pay a sum for a life insurance policy that is less than the cost of a gym membership, having a fancy dinner at a lavishing restaurant, or even enjoying a session of a few drinks at a famous bar. Mostly we don’t realize it, but it costs less than any other activity. And you are not keeping your family’s protection and stability on the brink in your absence. Nonetheless, the longer you wait, the greater the chances of something happening before you get coverage.

The need to have life insurance changes as we age, and it’s time we consider children, marriage, retirement, and caring for our ageing parents. You may have been meaning to buy life insurance for a while but haven’t yet. If you still don’t have a life insurance policy, here are five reasons you need it today.

1.     You Have Children

It’s inevitable that you will have children or already have. They rely on your income. What if you don’t make it home someday? If someone depends on your income, and that’s your children, you probably need insurance today.

For many people, giving birth to a child means taking extra care of their health and wealth. It should be considered because, down the road, you never know what’s around the corner. Having life insurance is a self-motivator that instantly becomes a need when you have a baby. Having your family suffer after you die is the least of things you’d want. If you are the breadwinner of your family, it is probably the most important thing to get life insurance today.

2.     Financially Support Your Loved Ones

You should get life insurance if you have loved ones around you and are their provider. Times are uncertain, and unprecedented events make us all vulnerable. Death is an inescapable reality; the sooner we realize it, the better. So, this is where you need to think of all those who rely on your earnings.

Think of a day when you die, who will provide for them? If you have prepared yourself mentally and made the right decisions at the right times, your loved ones won’t suffer from much poverty. This is where getting yourself appropriate coverage does wonder for you. And indeed, by getting life insurance, you won’t leave your family helpless when the tide of uncertainty takes a toll on them in your absence.

3.     Clear Off Debts While You Can

Buying life insurance becomes a necessity if you are in debt. If someday you leave the world, it doesn’t mean that your debts will disappear. If you and your life partner have co-signed for a mortgage, car loan, or another loan, your absence will put enormous pressure on your spouse, and they will be held entirely responsible for the repayments.

Moreover, other creditors will try to recollect from your estate. And if they get rid of the debts, your heirs will receive nothing but the depleted remainders. So, leaving your spouse and kids with lingering financial debt responsibilities is a terrible thing to do. Hence, if they have insurance and you go someday, they can pay off debts and save for themselves too.

4.     Your Current Employment is a Risk

Life insurance, in simple, is risk management. It helps you deal with the loss of income and unprecedented illness which leads to unemployment, premature death, or disability. Singularly, if you work in high-risk conditions, your life is always on the brink of collapse compared to sitting in a comfy chair at a desk all day. Jobs such as firefighting, mining, oil and natural gas, and aviation are a few of the employment categories that result in a high premium.

Now, many people have been facilitated with employment-based insurance. However, it is important to note that the coverage ends the day you leave your job with the employer. Further, group life insurance plans do not provide sufficient coverage to the holder. Thus, having life insurance that typically covers ten times your annual income is what you should consider as adequate.

5.     Sets Cash Value

It would be best if you considered whole life coverage policy over others because term life coverage plan only stays in place for a set time. Whole life insurance, on the other end, provides permanent coverage that only ends when or if you cancel the policy. So, when you get full life insurance, you are building up a solid cash value over time. This value-added cash value can be tapped at any moment when you need it the most. Even if you have some financial emergencies, this built cash value can be a great form down the road.

The Final Words

When someone dies, life insurance can offer a financial safety net. The choice to get life coverage plan is personal; however, having your family rely on your income is valuable. However, to maximize the benefits of life insurance, it’s wise to get life insurance from a trustworthy and reliable provider, such as Heritage Insurance, that helps you see things in the present, even if they are in the future.


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